Ginger Lento – TIOPA INC

I was referred to Sharla by our health insurance agent.  I was in a bind because the company we had been using for years had a change in staff, so my new agent was not familiar with my company and the insurance quote went up tremendously.  I received our renewal information last minute so there was not a lot of time to make a change.  The new staff member that took over our accounts acted like she could care less.  I contacted Sharla and told her about my predicament and she went to work on shopping my insurance for better rates.  I was impressed by her willingness to jump in there and help me in this last-minute situation.  She did a great job, had an insurance company in place with a binder in time to make the switch.  I have since moved all my insurance needs to her; she has synchronized the plans so all policies come up for renewal at the same time.  Excellent customer service!  I have also moved my personal insurance over to her company.